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The First One for Jack

Craig has always secretly loved Jack. But Jack is straight and has an ego to uphold, until one day, Craig gets lucky. Finding each and their fetishes the same, Craig submits himself to Jack's domination and hunger...

$3.99 AUD

Unfair and Inhumane

Bryan discovers his boyfriend of 10 years has cheated on him with a guy he's long suspected. Thinking of revenge, he seeks out this man to put things right, but it didn't go quite as planned. Will Bryan survive this man's voracious, man-eating appetite?

$3.99 AUD

The Gym Guy Who Ate Me

Daniel hasn't had a hook up weeks. Going to the gym this particular day, he's surprised that he got lucky with a hot military man. Daniel soon gets more than he bargained for as his new hookup is really hungry for him...

$3.99 AUD

Inside His Gut...

Kyle's got a new date, Mark, that makes his heart flutter. He has plans and goals to live out a life of old, but Mark has other ideas. Horny and hungry ideas for Kyle.

$3.99 AUD

Love Means I Don't Have to Say I'm Sorry

For four years, Cory has always lusted after his brother-in-law's ass. After a New Year's Eve party, he gets an opportunity at fooling around with it, however, things quickly turn dark as Cory gets eaten by it.

$3.99 AUD

His Cold, Blue Eyes of Steel...

Bryan has long loved Jason. But tonight, something is different. Something primal lurks in Jason, his eyes of cold, blue steel eyeing off Bryan with a hungry gaze...

$3.99 AUD

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